Litz Wire Properties

For induction heating

coaxial litz cable 50mm square 

Coaxial Litz Cable, 50㎟ x 2

Cable Construction Following description is that Coaxial Litz Cable is applied for induction heating to reduce parasitic capacitance to keep more distance...
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The construction of Litz Cable for Induction Heating, 300℃ 

Litz Cable for Induction Heating, 300℃

  Inspection Certificate Construction – A : AWG36(0.120mm) x 6,650(7/950) strands, H Class. 180℃, MW-82C – B : Glass Tape for high...
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ETFE Teflon litz cable for induction heating 

Litz Cable with ETFE Extrusion for Induction Heating

  Inspection Certificate Construction – A(center): 0.12mm x 700 strands x 1 bundle – B(outer): 0.12mm x 550 strands x 6 bundles...
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Round Type Litz Wire 

CCA 15%, Litz wire, Kapton 30% overlapped, Round Type

1. Inspection Certificate Inspection date : – Inspector : YDK QC Judgement : Passed Inspection Item : 0.10mm x 2,850 Strands, 1...
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