Litz Wire Specification for Bluetooth

bluetooth cable drawing

Product Specification

This Bluetooth wire is tested by our several customers and we got nice feedback. Each bundle is distinguished by each color. For blocking EMI(Electro-Magnetic Interference), Copper Shielding Spiral Serving is applied for preventing the health of a user from EMI. Outer Insulator withstand voltage minimum 260V. It works vary from low to high temperature like more than -25~+80℃. Shielding specification of litz wire meets the standard of dB relevant within particular frequency. Its sheath properties have features to endure against high temperature, humidity and UV. All conductors are insulated by polyurethane(F class 155℃) coating and its pitch is turned very high to reduce a noise.

Specification :
1. Conductor : Cu wire, 6 strands, 2UEW 14±1/Ø0.05
Interposition Fiber : High Tension Fiber 200 Denier(=Kevlar)

2. Insulation : E.S Ø0.4±0.05, Red

3. Insulation : E.S Ø0.4±0.05, Blue

4. Insulation : E.S Ø0.4±0.05, Geen

5. Insulation : E.S Ø0.4±0.05, Clear

6. Insulation : E.S Ø0.4±0.05, Gray

7. Insulation : E.S Ø0.4±0.05, White
( The enameled Cu wire No. 2~7 are twisted which means litz wire. )

8. Shield : 2UEW 55±3/Ø0.05, Copper Shielding Spiral Serving

9. Sheath : PVC, OF-SH-2(A) material, Black color