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Litz Wire & Cable Manufacturing for "Wireless Power & Induction Heating" in Korea since 1990
< from very fine size(48 AWG, 0.030mm) to Thickest size (more than 100mm OD, approx. 8,000㎟ ) >

We design the construction and provide you solutions.

We, YDK Inc., have built various kinds of Litz Wires from thin size of 0.030mm x 10 to 192,500 stranded(27,500 strands with Teflon x 7 bundles and make a cable extruded by non-flammable PVC 105℃) and of thickest size of 0.100mm x 64,500 stranded with Kapton or XLPE. Also rectangular type is available. Namely, very fine size, 0.030mm(48AWG) to 100mm outer diameter size, 8,000㎟. We can provide you Nylon(polyamid yarn) served, Kapton(polyimide film), Nomex(aramide paper), Teflon extrusion, Natural Silk(Mulberry, Silkwarm, Cocoons), Natural Cotton, XLPE, PVC, Mylar and Dacron type using our up-to-date manufacturing facilities. Also, depending on each customer’s needs, our R&D dept. have developed new design cables and wires. FYR, YDK litz-wires have been used in many fields for maximizing efficiency. A lot of companies, government-affiliated organizations and institutes have requested us to develop new design litz wires and cables for applying their own new products. It makes us we get much more technique and skills than before. It has already been 27 years.

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More Products
No. Title Structure
02 Natural Silk Litz Wire 44AWG(0.050mm) x 1,000 strands, Double Natural Silk Served
04 CCA Litz wire, Kapton overlapped CCA(Copper Clad Aluminum 15%, 0.10mm x 2,850 Strands, 1 layer x Kapton
06 FEP tape overlapped Litz Wire 0.10mm x 210 strands, FEP, 67% overlapped
08 Heating Wire for a Car Seat 0.05mm(Metal Alloy) x 6 strands x 7 bundles
10 PVC Litz Cable for Wireless Power AWG36(0.120mm) x 2,700 strands, PVC Extrusion
12 Linear Heat Detector Wire 0.6mm conductor x 2 cores, 90 deg. insulation, PVC sheath

From 'No. 1. Application' to 'No. 4. Product range'

1. Application :
– High Frequency Transformer & Inductor, Wireless Power, Non-contact charger, Induction Heating, Electronic Ballast, Magnetic Transformer, Wireless Energy Transfer Coil, On-line Electric Vehicle(Wireless Power Charging System), Radio Communication Cable(VLF: Very Low Frequency for Radar), UPS, HF choke, Wind power generation systems, LCD & LED TV, Semi-conductors, Relays, Filters, Electro-magnetics, Solar power, Reactors, Choke coils, Cell-phone charger, Power supplies, Military equipment, Superconductor cables, Proximity switches, Earphones, Electronic quick starters, FBT(Fly back transformers), Hearing aids, Identification systems, IFT, Instrument transformers, Induction heating furnaces, Magnetic loading units, Rx and TX Coils for transmission system, HF Motors, Repeating coils, SMPS(Switching Mode Power Supply) transformer, Linearity & Width coils, TV unit(HD TV, UHD TV), Welding machines, Tram, High speed trains & Electric buses), Ultrasonic and sonar equipment, Ultrasonic generators, Writing unit for mobile phones, Fluorescent lamp, DY(Deflection yokes),

#Low currents : Impedance transformer coils Telecommunication, Radio-location coils Telecommunication, Impulse transformer coils Telecommunication, Cathode ray tube deflection coils Television, Electronic ballast coils for fluorescent lamps Lighting

#High currents (Power electronic) : Inverters and converters of computer emergency power, Filtering and smoothing coils Railway material, Induction furnaces Industrial heating, Induction hotplates Public cooking material, Electric network inductance coils Electric power transmission

2. Fabricating : Served, Covered, Wrapping, Extrusion etc. | Single served(SSC, USTC), Double served(DSC, UDTC), UATC

3. Insulation : Kapton, Teflon® FEP(200℃), PFA(250℃), ETFE(180℃), PTFE(250~260℃), XLPE, PVC, sPEN, Polyolefin, FEP(Polyimide), TIW(Triple Insulated Wire), Nylon(N-6, N-66), Nomex, Dacron, Mylar, Natural Silk(Mulberry, Silkwarm, Cocoons), Natural Cotton, Silicone, Polyethylene and Polyester etc.

4. Product range : from 0.030mm x 1150, 2150, 3150, even 192,000 strands to 0.10mm x 64,500 strands or 100m outer diameter size, thickest size 8,000㎟. Rectangular, Round & Flat type

※ As per your requests, we are able to provide you the most suitable solution.

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Litz wires are very useful conductors to reduce AC losses in high-frequency winding.

The top priority of litz wire regarding the design is the operating frequency. Operating frequency will be used to determine the size of each strand of litz wire construction, as well as affect the actual construction of the copper magnet wire. Litz construction is indicative of the skin effects, due to the limitations of number of stranding. Higher frequency ranges of litz-wire demand more strands of a thinner size gauge than same cross sectional area but consists of fewer and larger strands. Polyurethane or polyester coated material shields low electrical losses and solderability of ease, because each strand insulation typically used in enamels and polyurethanes. In addition , other insulation are also available such Nomex, Kapton, Dacron, Mylar, Silk, Teflon, Polyolefin etc. In most cases, the litz wire is wrapped by nylon single or double served, of a textile yarn as well as unserved available. The breakdown voltage or the protection of the environment should be satisfied with customers’ special requirements and special film coatings on each individual strand are available as well as double and even triple insulation overall to meet the demands of UL and IEC regulations.

Litz Wire has the following advantages :
– High efficiency
– Downed operating temperature
– Reduced footprint of the final product
– Significant weight reduction.
– The avoidance of “Hot spot”
– Relief of skin and proximity effects
– Minimum eddy-current losses.

Use of YDK Litz cables
– Litz Cables are used for all electrical coils requiring a low level of losses when alternating currents go through them.
– The range of frequency for which YDK Litz Cables necessary is very infinite : from a few hundred Hertz (Induction Heating Transformers, VLF Radar) to many Mega-Hertz (Pulse Transformers).

Magnet wire films are in business in order to meet these different needs, film, fiber, tape wrap, and a wide range of extruded insulation. A round, square and rectangular shape are manufactured to meet the requirements. Litz wire manufacturer, Y D Kim Int’l Inc., has accumulated lots of technologies as well as had rich experiences regarding design solutions with very competitive price and reliable quality in Korea since 1990.

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